The Casino I met my Katy

Hey guys, i’m back! I know, you might be wondering why it took me quite some time to start writing again. Well first of all, let me explain a little bit about what happened since the last time i’ve posted on my blog. I never expected this to happen, but I can proudly say that i’ve finally found the girl of my dreams!

Her name is Katy and we’ve met one year ago in a land-based casino in the city of London before she started working at 500+. In one of my latest post i’ve wrote about the desire of moving out of Manchester. Well, a few months later I finally embraced the adventurous part of me and moved to London. It was possible to continue my freelance work, so why not doing it?

I have to say, life wasn’t that easy in the beginning. Finding a home was quite difficult, since the prices are extremely high. Living in the city center was my ultimate goal, but eventually i’ve found a small apartment near Westminster, which isn’t so bad at all actually. From there I continued my work as a web developer for some new clients.
Still I had no social life at all and I hated it. Maybe it’s because i’m getting older, but I really felt the need to interact with new people.

In my spare time I decided to explore the city more and ended up in a local casino. Yep, I still love playing casino games! Especially the slot machines are a fun way to spend some time in a public place where you can actually meet real people. I also enjoy playing Roulette, so on this evening I just went for it and took a seat at the table. I took place next to a beautiful girl, who was already playing there for at least an hour.

Even though i’m a shy guy, we started talking while playing the game. Katy is such an interesting girl and I really wanted to know more about her. After the game we’ve swapped our phone numbers so we could play Roulette together sometime. We did, many times actually! Who would have thought that me, Adam, could really find a girl who is as weird and into playing games as me? We started dating and now we are together for six whole months!

What I love about her? Everything! But if I have to pick one thing, it would definitely be the common interest for casinos. This is also our perfect night out, just having dinner together in our favorite restaurant and visiting the local casino. Even though we’ve met at Roulette, I still like to play on slot machines. But that’s okay right? We have a lot of similar interest, so this is just one of the things that is keeping us unique as a couple!

Do I miss Manchester? Sometimes I do. Now that i’ve met Katy I rather would like to stay in London with her. Maybe in the future we can move to another place, but for now this is perfect for us. Also, the online trading business I am starting up is skyrocketing so it is handy to be close to this action. To do find the most suitable Forex broker to trade currency you can choose The best plus 500 review.

What Has The World Come To?

Yesterday the newspaper showed pictures from a woman was murdered while waiting in their car outside of a friend’s house. The tragedy struck home for me because I live right down the street from the crime scene and heard loud screams.

It was 3:46 a.m. I was awakened by the sound of a woman crying out in need of help. Half asleep, I thought that I was still dreaming. I laid in bed for another thirty seconds and heard in again. I jumped out of my bed to head over to the window but then thought, “It’s probably nothing. My car is in the garage tonight.” It wasn’t until I heard the media’s chatter this morning that I realized something horrible had taken place.

Apparently the woman was waiting for her friend to come out of the house so that they could go out dancing. A witness, who remains anonymous, says he saw a man wearing all black approach the car and bang on the window. “Get out of the car,” is what the witness says he heard. Unwilling to be carjacked in the middle of the night, the woman refused to get out. It was then that things went South.

The man allegedly broke the window and the woman screamed. He then took out a knife and stabbed her one time; apparently that was enough to end things. The woman’s friend, who says that she was preoccupied with others things and heard nothing, came out minutes later to find her friend bloodied and nearly dead. The woman died en route to the hospital.

I know that you are probably saying, “Why didn’t the anonymous tipster call the police? How could the friend not hear all of the noise?” The real question is: Why did I do nothing? Why did I, Adam Dong, leap out of bed only to decide that the scene had nothing to do with me and, hence, didn’t deserve my attention? I could have at least told police where the guy went if not saved the woman altogether. What is wrong with me? What is wrong with our world?

I’m Thinking of Getting Out

No, not out of the business. I would never retire from web development, though I could use a break. I’m thinking of getting out into the social arena that is Manchester.

I’ve lived here my whole adult life and only know people that I’ve met in college. Jim and Jake were my roommates during sophomore year, so there was no way of getting around them. I met Lisa in one of my computer classes, and she later introduced me to her good friend, Amber. Out of the many people that I had the opportunity to interact with during collegiate years, I only found four. How pathetic is that?

In my defense, I was focused on my studies. You didn’t find me at all of the parties, and there was no way that I was going to the nearby club on a school night. Many people classified me as a nerd and rightfully so. It seems that I always had the right answers in class. “Just ask Adam,” one jealous classmate said during one lecture session. “He knows the answer.” He was right, I did know the answer, but his rudeness made me want to crawl under a rock and die.

I’m the shy type. I can’t have the lights, camera, and action of life on me all of the time. I get nervous anytime the spotlight is pointed my way. “What if they see the real me? What if all of my flaws come to the forefront?” It never occurred to me that “they” too have imperfections; until now.

This is why I want to get out. I’d like to meet fellow failures like myself and see how I can glean from them. Sure, it will be difficult at first. I think, however, that I will do well in society once I get the hang of it. So tonight I am going to Alter Ego. I plan to have a great time and meet new people. Perhaps, I’ll even meet a girl! How sweet would that be?

You Won’t Believe What Happened

We were in the middle of our heaviest time online tonight when, you guessed it, the system crashed. Everything went blank on my end, and it was too late to do a quick fix by the time action popped back up.

You can’t imagine how upset people were to learn that we were closed due to technical difficulties for the next four hours. Some visitors expressed their sentiments in nasty emails to the executives while others took to review sites to bash us. “What a horrible site,” one customer said. “I came here to unwind,” explained another. “If you can’t keep your stuff straight, then you don’t need to be online.”

They certainly weren’t saying that a few days ago when everything was going well. In fact, they were hailing us as one of the best online gaming sites in the United Kingdom. “You can’t get any better than them,” one person said in our testimonials section online. “I would recommend them to anyone,” exclaimed another. So what happened to all of the excitement and praise?

It went away, I guess. Perhaps we were living in a dream when we thought that no negativity could come our way. Maybe we were thinking too highly of ourselves when we said, “We are the best, and no one and nothing can bring us down.” Tonight’s mishap certainly brought us down. We lost so much money, and some players vowed never to return. I don’t believe them, of course. Gamblers have a way of back peddling on their word.

It’s so funny how people change their perspective, though. One moment they are in your corner, and the next second they are yelling, “Crucify him!” Well, maybe not that far. But people certainly do have mood swings. Why can’t we all just get along and encourage one another? Maybe it’s just me. I’ve had a rough night.

In any case, the site will be back to its old self tomorrow and so will the thousands of players who damned us all to hell tonight. People get on my nerves.

I’m a Loner Who’s Loving It

“We were made for community,” is what my English professor said in one of my undergraduate classes. “There’s no way that I can exist without you, and you cannot carry out the day’s tasks without me. We are all here to build our world together.” She really should have been an Art professor. Anyone who knows anything about literature understands that the greatest writers of our time were, for the most part, loners. I guess that’s why I’m okay with being alone.

Sure, I went through my younger years of wishing and wanting. I wished I had more friend and wanted to do more to ensure a long life of prosperity with lots of people by my side. As the years passed, however, I learned that people get in your way. If it isn’t their feelings being hurt by something that you said, it’s their unwarranted opinions that tell you the course of your life is headed South at a fast pace. They just get in your way.

Of course, I don’t think that loved ones intend to be annoying. No, their bad suggestions are meant to help you in some way; and in a sense, they do. You wouldn’t know what your heart was telling you to do if you didn’t have someone in your ear telling you that the decision you’re making is wrong. How else would you know that East was the way to go unless a friend known for giving out bad directions told you to travel West?

Friends are great, and I have nothing against them, but I just choose to be a loner. I love coming home to an empty house and hearing no one else besides my voice. It gives me pleasure to kick off my shoes and lounge around without having my lover tell me to tidy up. I’m living the good life as a bachelor and have no intentions of being tied down just yet. I, Adam Dong, am one who proudly declares that I am a loner and loving every bit of it.

How I Got Here

They say that destiny has a way of finding its way to you. Well, maybe they didn’t say that, but I am. The statement certainly is true of me and this job.

I was interning at Pixels when I first got wind of this company. One of the executives was talking about the online gaming scene and how the company that I now work for would revolutionize the industry. “Yeah, right,” I said to myself. “It’ll never catch on.” The only thing that I knew about gambling was playing the slots in Las Vegas, and I hadn’t been there. “How will playing online ever be a hit,” I wondered. I didn’t think anything else of the interaction.

It wasn’t until seven years later, when I was freelancing day and not for pennies, that the idea of online gaming came to mind. “I wonder how much success they’ve found,” I said to myself while working through the night in my small flat. “I wouldn’t mind working for them.” Fate must have heard me because it wasn’t too long after I made my declaration that an old friend from university contacted me. “I know that you’ve been doing freelance work,” he said during a phone call. “However, I work for this casino group. Maybe you have seen their TV commercial called the comeon bonus? Either way they have the free spin no deposit casinos comeon and mr green, and they are looking for a game developer. I couldn’t think of anyone who could do the job better than you.”

First off, I was ecstatic. Who am I that a friend from school would think about me after all of these years? Second off, I was immensely grateful. He didn’t know it, but my gigs were slim, and I didn’t know how I would have been able to continue with such instability. I went to the interview, impressed the executives, accepted their employment offer, and wallah! The game developer that you see, today was on his way.

Many people believe that once you miss your chance, it’s gone. I guess I’m one of the few who knows that destiny has a way of coming back around to you, even if you don’t recognize it as such the first time.

I Am Adam Dong

Many of you don’t know me. I’m not your ordinary guy who lives his life to the fullest in hopes of seizing every opportunity given. I’m not the one who brings life to the party or someone who presents a more energetic perspective to a task that would otherwise be boring. My name is Adam Dong, and I live online.

My job is to make sure that others have a good time while using the Internet to unwind. I attended the University of Manchester for the first four years of my adult life and graduated with honors in the field of web development. Although many told me that I should have capitalized off my knowledge and skills, I did a bit of interning at Pixel Kicks, I determined it best to go into the world of freelance; and what a world it was.

There were some days that I didn’t know where the money was going to come from and other days where I was living high off the hog. No one told me that I should have taken money from the fat times and saved it for the lean moments; I wish they had. Sometimes the scarce months made me nervous to the point of looking at things to pawn. “I can get a few pence off of these,” I’d say. “This piece should be enough to keep the electricity on.” It was bad.

Thankfully, after deciding that consistent income was necessary, I got this job as a game developer. The pay is nowhere near what my colleagues make, but it fits my budget. I still do a bit of freelancing as well, so it all balances out.

The one thing in my life that doesn’t have any signs of life is my social life. With all of the work that I do online as a developer, there isn’t enough time to go out and meet new people. I can’t say that I regret the lack of social interaction. After all, I’ve never truly been a people person. Still, it would be pretty nice to make a friend here in Manchester before my time in this universe has concluded. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what unfolds.