How I Got Here

They say that destiny has a way of finding its way to you. Well, maybe they didn’t say that, but I am. The statement certainly is true of me and this job.

I was interning at Pixels when I first got wind of this company. One of the executives was talking about the online gaming scene and how the company that I now work for would revolutionize the industry. “Yeah, right,” I said to myself. “It’ll never catch on.” The only thing that I knew about gambling was playing the slots in Las Vegas, and I hadn’t been there. “How will playing online ever be a hit,” I wondered. I didn’t think anything else of the interaction.

It wasn’t until seven years later, when I was freelancing day and not for pennies, that the idea of online gaming came to mind. “I wonder how much success they’ve found,” I said to myself while working through the night in my small flat. “I wouldn’t mind working for them.” Fate must have heard me because it wasn’t too long after I made my declaration that an old friend from university contacted me. “I know that you’ve been doing freelance work,” he said during a phone call. “However, I work for this casino group. Maybe you have seen their TV commercial called the comeon bonus? Either way they have the free spin no deposit casinos comeon and mr green, and they are looking for a game developer. I couldn’t think of anyone who could do the job better than you.”

First off, I was ecstatic. Who am I that a friend from school would think about me after all of these years? Second off, I was immensely grateful. He didn’t know it, but my gigs were slim, and I didn’t know how I would have been able to continue with such instability. I went to the interview, impressed the executives, accepted their employment offer, and wallah! The game developer that you see, today was on his way.

Many people believe that once you miss your chance, it’s gone. I guess I’m one of the few who knows that destiny has a way of coming back around to you, even if you don’t recognize it as such the first time.