I’m a Loner Who’s Loving It

“We were made for community,” is what my English professor said in one of my undergraduate classes. “There’s no way that I can exist without you, and you cannot carry out the day’s tasks without me. We are all here to build our world together.” She really should have been an Art professor. Anyone who knows anything about literature understands that the greatest writers of our time were, for the most part, loners. I guess that’s why I’m okay with being alone.

Sure, I went through my younger years of wishing and wanting. I wished I had more friend and wanted to do more to ensure a long life of prosperity with lots of people by my side. As the years passed, however, I learned that people get in your way. If it isn’t their feelings being hurt by something that you said, it’s their unwarranted opinions that tell you the course of your life is headed South at a fast pace. They just get in your way.

Of course, I don’t think that loved ones intend to be annoying. No, their bad suggestions are meant to help you in some way; and in a sense, they do. You wouldn’t know what your heart was telling you to do if you didn’t have someone in your ear telling you that the decision you’re making is wrong. How else would you know that East was the way to go unless a friend known for giving out bad directions told you to travel West?

Friends are great, and I have nothing against them, but I just choose to be a loner. I love coming home to an empty house and hearing no one else besides my voice. It gives me pleasure to kick off my shoes and lounge around without having my lover tell me to tidy up. I’m living the good life as a bachelor and have no intentions of being tied down just yet. I, Adam Dong, am one who proudly declares that I am a loner and loving every bit of it.