I’m Thinking of Getting Out

No, not out of the business. I would never retire from web development, though I could use a break. I’m thinking of getting out into the social arena that is Manchester.

I’ve lived here my whole adult life and only know people that I’ve met in college. Jim and Jake were my roommates during sophomore year, so there was no way of getting around them. I met Lisa in one of my computer classes, and she later introduced me to her good friend, Amber. Out of the many people that I had the opportunity to interact with during collegiate years, I only found four. How pathetic is that?

In my defense, I was focused on my studies. You didn’t find me at all of the parties, and there was no way that I was going to the nearby club on a school night. Many people classified me as a nerd and rightfully so. It seems that I always had the right answers in class. “Just ask Adam,” one jealous classmate said during one lecture session. “He knows the answer.” He was right, I did know the answer, but his rudeness made me want to crawl under a rock and die.

I’m the shy type. I can’t have the lights, camera, and action of life on me all of the time. I get nervous anytime the spotlight is pointed my way. “What if they see the real me? What if all of my flaws come to the forefront?” It never occurred to me that “they” too have imperfections; until now.

This is why I want to get out. I’d like to meet fellow failures like myself and see how I can glean from them. Sure, it will be difficult at first. I think, however, that I will do well in society once I get the hang of it. So tonight I am going to Alter Ego. I plan to have a great time and meet new people. Perhaps, I’ll even meet a girl! How sweet would that be?