The Casino I met my Katy

Hey guys, i’m back! I know, you might be wondering why it took me quite some time to start writing again. Well first of all, let me explain a little bit about what happened since the last time i’ve posted on my blog. I never expected this to happen, but I can proudly say that i’ve finally found the girl of my dreams!

Her name is Katy and we’ve met one year ago in a land-based casino in the city of London before she started working at 500+. In one of my latest post i’ve wrote about the desire of moving out of Manchester. Well, a few months later I finally embraced the adventurous part of me and moved to London. It was possible to continue my freelance work, so why not doing it?

I have to say, life wasn’t that easy in the beginning. Finding a home was quite difficult, since the prices are extremely high. Living in the city center was my ultimate goal, but eventually i’ve found a small apartment near Westminster, which isn’t so bad at all actually. From there I continued my work as a web developer for some new clients.
Still I had no social life at all and I hated it. Maybe it’s because i’m getting older, but I really felt the need to interact with new people.

In my spare time I decided to explore the city more and ended up in a local casino. Yep, I still love playing casino games! Especially the slot machines are a fun way to spend some time in a public place where you can actually meet real people. I also enjoy playing Roulette, so on this evening I just went for it and took a seat at the table. I took place next to a beautiful girl, who was already playing there for at least an hour.

Even though i’m a shy guy, we started talking while playing the game. Katy is such an interesting girl and I really wanted to know more about her. After the game we’ve swapped our phone numbers so we could play Roulette together sometime. We did, many times actually! Who would have thought that me, Adam, could really find a girl who is as weird and into playing games as me? We started dating and now we are together for six whole months!

What I love about her? Everything! But if I have to pick one thing, it would definitely be the common interest for casinos. This is also our perfect night out, just having dinner together in our favorite restaurant and visiting the local casino. Even though we’ve met at Roulette, I still like to play on slot machines. But that’s okay right? We have a lot of similar interest, so this is just one of the things that is keeping us unique as a couple!

Do I miss Manchester? Sometimes I do. Now that i’ve met Katy I rather would like to stay in London with her. Maybe in the future we can move to another place, but for now this is perfect for us. Also, the online trading business I am starting up is skyrocketing so it is handy to be close to this action. To do find the most suitable Forex broker to trade currency you can choose The best plus 500 review.