You Won’t Believe What Happened

We were in the middle of our heaviest time online tonight when, you guessed it, the system crashed. Everything went blank on my end, and it was too late to do a quick fix by the time action popped back up.

You can’t imagine how upset people were to learn that we were closed due to technical difficulties for the next four hours. Some visitors expressed their sentiments in nasty emails to the executives while others took to review sites to bash us. “What a horrible site,” one customer said. “I came here to unwind,” explained another. “If you can’t keep your stuff straight, then you don’t need to be online.”

They certainly weren’t saying that a few days ago when everything was going well. In fact, they were hailing us as one of the best online gaming sites in the United Kingdom. “You can’t get any better than them,” one person said in our testimonials section online. “I would recommend them to anyone,” exclaimed another. So what happened to all of the excitement and praise?

It went away, I guess. Perhaps we were living in a dream when we thought that no negativity could come our way. Maybe we were thinking too highly of ourselves when we said, “We are the best, and no one and nothing can bring us down.” Tonight’s mishap certainly brought us down. We lost so much money, and some players vowed never to return. I don’t believe them, of course. Gamblers have a way of back peddling on their word.

It’s so funny how people change their perspective, though. One moment they are in your corner, and the next second they are yelling, “Crucify him!” Well, maybe not that far. But people certainly do have mood swings. Why can’t we all just get along and encourage one another? Maybe it’s just me. I’ve had a rough night.

In any case, the site will be back to its old self tomorrow and so will the thousands of players who damned us all to hell tonight. People get on my nerves.